Being Bothered By Your Boss? What To Do About Workplace Sexual Harassment

Do you have a boss who is making you feel uncomfortable in the workplace due to sexual advances and other inappropriate sexual behavior? Your boss may even have threatened you with losing your job if you were to report the sexual harassment to the superiors or the human resources department. If you're fearful that you might lose your job and you're sick of being harassed, these are some of the steps you may want to take.

Record Conversations You Have with Your Boss

Does your boss often call you inappropriate names, such as sexy or babe, or make comments that make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day? The best way to prove that this is really happening between you and your boss is to record conversations that you both have. You can buy a digital voice recorder and keep it inside of your desk at work. There are even voice recorders made to look like pens and USB drives, which means you can record everything without making your boss suspicious.

Place a Discreet Video Camera in Your Office

If you have your own office or cubicle at work, a discreet video camera will work just as well as the digital voice recorder. If your boss has been known to touch you in an inappropriate way, the camera will catch the actions. You can then use the video you've recorded as evidence when deciding to pursue legal action against your boss.

Make Documents of Each Offense

Make more than a mental note of each offense. Quickly jot down the date of the offense right after it happens. When you get home from work, use your computer to type out the details of the offense, including what your boss said to you on that specific day, what he or she did to you, and whether any other co-workers were also involved or witnessed anything.

Make a Claim with the EEOC

If you're planning to take legal action against your boss, it's best to do so with the professional guidance of a sexual harassment lawyer. The first thing you'll need to do is file a legal claim with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. You may need to wait a few weeks before it is determined whether you should try mediation or file a lawsuit. An investigator for the commission will review the claim during that time to decide which action is best for you to take and then send you a notice.

Hire a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

You may receive a notice that gives you the right to sue your boss. You can then immediately file a lawsuit against your boss for sexual harassment and blackmail. Your boss is blackmailing you if he or she threatens you with your job, which is why the blackmail charge is as important for your case because it is a crime.

If your case goes to court, your lawyer will use the information and evidence you've collected over the months of dealing with sexual harassment to prove that you're telling the truth. Your boss might try to get out of trouble by criticizing your work ethic and integrity in front of a judge, but your lawyer will make sure that the videos and recordings speak for themselves. Your lawyer may also ask other employees to speak out on your behalf. As a result of taking legal action, your boss may end up losing his or her position and having to pay victim compensation for causing you distress in the workplace environment.

If you're being sexually harassed by your boss, don't allow it to keep happening. Gather the evidence that you need via recordings and surveillance, and then make a claim and pursue legal action with an experienced sexual harassment lawyer. It's never acceptable to harass someone and threaten them that about losing their job if they tell. Although you may feel scared, the steps you take now will prevent you and others from having to go through this again.