Protecting Your Rights After An Auto Accident

Getting behind the wheel of a car places you at risk of being involved in an auto accident. In the event that you are involved in an accident, there are some simple things that you should do in order to protect your right to seek financial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

Here are three specific things that you should do after you are involved in an auto accident to ensure that you don't compromise a potential personal injury lawsuit in the future.

1. Take notes immediately following the accident.

Being able to provide an accurate accounting of the events leading up to the accident is crucial when it comes to establishing which driver caused the accident. Establishing fault is an essential part of any personal injury lawsuit, so having notes that you took right after the accident can be beneficial when building your case.

You should also ask any witnesses to quickly write down their observations before leaving the scene of the accident. These records, combined with the information contained in the police report, can be used by your attorney to help you gain access to financial compensation for any injuries or damages sustained in an auto accident.

2. Take photos of the scene.

Most cell phones are equipped with cameras. You should take advantage of this technology by using your cell phone to snap a few photographs of the scene after an auto accident occurs. Be sure that you take photos from many different angles, and be sure to capture images of any skid marks that may be present on the road.

By providing photographic evidence of the scene of your accident, you will give your attorney the ability to create an accurate diagram that shows who was responsible for causing the accident. This information will be critical when it comes to securing financial compensation should you choose to pursue legal action in the future.

3. Seek medical attention.

Even if you don't feel like you have sustained a serious injury, you should always seek medical attention if you have been involved in an auto accident. Some conditions can take time to manifest, and you may not be able to prove that these conditions were caused by your accident if you don't seek medical care immediately following the accident.

It's best to use caution when it comes to your physical health, so getting checked out by a doctor after your accident can be a great way to avoid complications and ensure you are able to successfully seek financial compensation if necessary.

Protecting your right to take legal action after an auto accident is important. Be sure that you write down what happened, take pictures, and seek medical care if you want to preserve your ability to file a lawsuit in the future. For more information, contact a law firm like Law Offices of Burton J. Hass.