Injured At An Office Party? Prove These Things For A Successful Workers’ Comp Claim

One of the important things to know about making a successful workers' compensation claim in the wake of an injury is that the injury doesn't have to have taken place at your place of work. If you were injured at an office party, for example, you could have a successful workers' comp claim because despite not being at work, you were at a work event. An office party at a local banquet center, hotel conference center, or another similar location isn't necessary dangerous, but injuries such as slip-and-fall injuries have the potential to occur. For your workers' compensation claim to be strong, you'll need to prove these things.

That You Were Sober

Drinking alcohol is common at office parties, but the consumption of alcohol can often increase your risk of an injury. One of the first things that your workers' compensation attorney will want to ask you is whether you were sober. If you were slightly intoxicated, and numerous witnesses could attest to this fact, your claim will be challenging — the employer's attorneys will simply state that you chose to drink excessively, which led to your accident. If you abstained from alcohol or perhaps had one drink well before the injury, you have a better chance of a successful claim.

You Weren't Doing Anything Out Of The Ordinary

Sober or not, your behavior immediately before the accident can play a big role in the validity of your workers' compensation claim. You'll need to prove that regardless of how you were injured, you weren't doing anything out of the ordinary. For example, if you were on the stage receiving an award and decided to jump off the front of the stage afterward, rather than climb down the stairs, your claim would be difficult. The employer's attorneys would argue that your reckless behavior was a contributing factor to your accident, and this didn't have anything to do with your employer's negligence.

The Employer Played A Role

It's possible to get injured at an office party as a result of the negligence of the venue. For example, if you fell down the stairs because you tripped on a large piece of frayed carpet atop the stairs, this isn't your employer's fault. (You may want to discuss a personal injury suit against the venue, however.) For a successful workers' compensation claim, you need to link your accident directly to the employer. For example, you were performing a trust exercise mandated by the employer, and fell to the ground when your colleagues were supposed to catch you.

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