Has a Motorcycle Accident Suddenly Turned Your Life Upside Down? Get a Lawyer Now

If you were injured badly while operating or riding on a motorcycle by a driver who was driving carelessly or illegally, getting a lawyer is of urgent importance. There are so many details and forms of evidence relevant to the case that can be lost with the passing of time, so the sooner you are capable of getting a lawyer and getting the investigation in motion, the sooner you will see results. Here are some things to discuss with the lawyer if they are fresh in your mind or if you have this information easily accessible.

Documentation and Report of the Accident

Did the police make a report of the accident after it happened with eye witness reports, or were tickets administered? If so, the lawyer needs to see exactly what was documented by the police, and what they claimed caused the accident.

This information may be inaccurate, which could be problematic for the case, or it could be exactly what your lawyer needs to get more information about your case. Proof the other driver was speeding, was driving without caution, ran a red light, or did something else wrong is what your lawyer needs.

Detailed Explanation of Injuries

You need to get a detailed explanation of the injuries that you have. This means everything from internal bleeding to stiches and lacerations on the outside of the body. Talk with your physician or one of the medical professionals that treated you to see if you can get a detailed explanation and list of everything that you have had to suffer to while working towards recovery.

Recovery Expectations

Details about your recovery are also important for the case. If you aren't ever going to fully recover or you will have disabilities and health problems forever, you deserve compensation for the accident. If your recovery expectations are still unknown and you could have years of therapy and recovery, this means you may not ever be able to work or live a normal life. This also could indicate you need compensation.

Your lawyer will want to have pictures of your motorcycle, and the injuries if you have them, and they will also want to talk with anyone that witnessed your accident. If you aren't sure if you will ever recover from the injuries that you have right now, or if your life will ever be normal againt, you want to call a motorcycle accident attorney and set up a consultation.