What to Know About Pain and Suffering Compensation in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

One of the ways to receive a large compensation reward from a personal injury is through pain and suffering damages. Certain injuries are given a range of compensation that you can receive specifically for pain and suffering, which you may be rewarded based on the circumstances of your case. Here are some things you should know about pain and suffering damages before you start a personal injury lawsuit. 

Your Medical Treatments Play a Factor

The number of medical treatments that you need to recover from your injury will play a role in how much you receive in pain and suffering. If your injury involves multiple trips to the doctor to monitor the injury, physical therapy to regain range of motion, and things of that nature, you can expect to receive pain and suffering damages that are on the high end of the spectrum for your type of injury. Meanwhile, if your injury only involves one or two trips to the doctor, your compensation could be on the low end. 

Your Age Plays a Factor

You may not realize it, but your age will play a big factor in how much pain and suffering compensation you receive. If you were to suffer a permanent injury that will impact you for the rest of your life, a younger person will have to deal with that injury for a very long time. Meanwhile, an older person that has already lived a full life will only deal with that injury for a shorter time. As odd as it may seem, the years that you will need to live with an injury will be factored into your overall settlement, even if an old and young person suffers the same type of injury.

Past Verdicts for Your Type of Injury Plays a Factor

There is a very high possibility that someone suffered the same type of injury in the past and was awarded pain and suffering damages. A judge or jury may look at past verdicts and use that to determine what is a fair amount of pain and suffering you should receive. If there is a history of victims receiving a very high amount of pain and suffering damages for your same injury, you could use that information to justify the same amount of compensation. 

Putting a dollar amount on pain and suffering is not easy to do. Learn more about handling your case by working with a personal injury lawyer.