Why You Need A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you've been injured at your workplace, you can claim damages for your injuries. In these types of cases, you should make a claim against your employer. This claim is also known as a worker's compensation claim. To get the most out of your personal injury claim, it's advisable to hire a workers' compensation lawyer. Here are some of the ways a workers' compensation attorney can help you.

Gathering Evidence    

One of the main reasons workers' compensation claims are denied is because of insufficient medical evidence. You've a better chance of getting all the medical treatment necessary and all the benefits you need if you've sufficient medical proof to support your claim. Therefore, you need to involve a workers' compensation lawyer to help you gather strong medical evidence.

Your attorney will help develop medical evidence by obtaining critical medical records. They'll also arrange for treatment with certain doctors and obtain the opinions of your physician. Your lawyer may also get a professional opinion by arranging for an independent medical examination. Other types of evidence that your lawyer will solicit for your case include testimony from an expert regarding your job's physical requirements, evidence proving the poor workplace conditions, and statements from friends or family members regarding your daily activities.

Settlement Arrangements

Some workers' compensation claims are settled outside the courtroom by negotiating with your employer. Your lawyer will play an essential role in presenting reasonable terms to your employer. Your lawyer will try and negotiate fair compensation for your injuries.

When claiming a compensation amount, your lawyer will consider the extent of your injuries and the cost of medical treatment. Other considerations include future medical treatment and whether you've a temporary or permanent disability. In cases where you've lost your ability to work, your lawyer will consider your previous wages when setting a compensation amount.  

Court Trial

If you're unable to reach an amicable settlement with your employer, your lawyer will represent you in a court trial. During the discovery process of your case, your lawyer will be involved in taking the depositions of witnesses, performing legal research, requesting medical records, and writing your pleadings. All this information will be used with all the gathered evidence to build a strong case for you.

During the hearing, your workers' comp lawyer will present an argument of why you should receive benefits. Your attorney will make opening and closing arguments, raise objections, and examine witnesses. If your hearing is not satisfactory, your lawyer will appeal the decision.

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