5 ‘Failures’ That Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

After an injury, pursuing a personal injury case may be the only way to get the compensation you need in order to recover your health and return to normal life. But you must do your part in order to ensure the highest damages award and the best outcome. Your part includes avoiding a few 'failures' which can rob you of that compensation. Here are five to watch out for.

1. Failure to Get Treatment. Prompt and thorough medical care is integral to any personal injury award. Failure to seek medical attention right away will cast doubt on your case. You could miss injuries or mental trauma that should be included in your settlement. Doctors' notes and recommendations are all compiled for a full picture of the case, so don't avoid medical care even if it's inconvenient. 

2. Failure to Document. You and your witnesses are some of the most important resources you have at the scene of the accident. If possible, take pictures of the accident from many angles. Get as much information as possible from the other party, from witnesses, and from the police. If you can't do so due to your injuries, ask friends or family to help you document the incident.  

3. Failure to Follow Advice. Medical and legal advice is valuable both to your recovery and to your case. Follow doctors' instructions as closely as possible. If you fail to follow treatment plans, this may reduce the compensation you are awarded for related injuries. And engage an experienced personal injury lawyer — then listen to their guidance. They have been through this before and know the best ways to approach issues.  

4. Failure to Stay Quiet. What you don't say can have as much impact on your case as what you do say. Social media is one area in which you should generally stay quiet because the opposing party's lawyers may use anything online against you. Ask your friends, followers, and work contacts not to post anything about you or photos of you during this time as well. 

5. Failure to Seek Liable Parties. Did you know there may be more than one party at fault for your injuries? If hit by a driver who is 'on the clock' for work may mean you can seek damages from their employer. Injured at a party? Fault may lie not only with the persons who injured you but also the property owner or party organizer. If you don't follow through with all possibilities, you can't seek all damages you are due.  

If you avoid these 5 failures, you will help build your case and keep it strong. Want more tips on navigating your particular personal injury case? Start by meeting with a qualified attorney in your state today.