Are You Ready To Return To Work After An Injury?

It's safe to say that most hurt workers look forward eagerly to returning to their jobs. While workers' compensation benefits help tremendously with medical expenses and a disability wage, workers that don't return to work in a timely manner may experience financial consequences due to the reduction in pay. Workers' comp recipients should tread carefully at this juncture. Read on to find out more about returning to work and what could happen if you are not ready.

Keep Your Employer in the Loop

If you intend to return to work, stay in contact with your employer throughout the process. Keep them updated on your progress and about possible work restrictions when you do. This serves to help your employer be ready for your return to work if you are not up to performing the full duties of your job right away. Your employer will appreciate your cooperation.

When You Are Not Ready

Problems can occur when you are ordered to return to work but don't feel ready, Usually, a special type of medical exam is performed to determine whether or not you are able to work again. The result of this exam could be an order from your treating doctor that you are cleared to return to your previous job. If you don't agree with this assessment, you may need to take action. What you must never do, however, is to return to work when you are not ready.

Speak to a Workers' Comp Lawyer

All hurt workers have rights and the specifics vary by state. In many cases, you have the right to have another exam performed by a different doctor that is not affiliated with the workers' comp insurance carrier. Unfortunately, you are in dire danger of losing your workers' compensation benefits if you don't take action and you must act fast to arrange for a second opinion. Keep in mind that both the workers' comp insurer and your employer want you to return to work and that can result in feelings of obligation if you don't seek support from an outside source. Don't allow threatening notices to compel you to return to work. Be ready or speak to a lawyer.

What a Workers' Comp Lawyer Can Do

Workers compensation lawyers understand all about the antics of workers' comp insurers and they know what is and what is not possible. They can advise you about your rights and file the forms and appeals needed to ensure that you continue to get the benefits you need. Lawyers work to gather evidence to support your medical condition and to appeal the adversarial rulings of the insurer. To find out more, speak to a workers' compensation attorney about your injury.