3 Reasons To Hire A Lawyer After A Motorcycle Accident

After a motorcycle accident, it's essential to take steps that aid your physical recovery. However, you also need to tend to your financial health. While it's possible to procure a settlement on your own, there advantages to hiring a lawyer experienced in handling motorcycle accidents. Check out a few reasons to hire a lawyer after your accident. 

1. A Lawyer Knows Where to Collect Evidence to Bolster Your Case

You'll need evidence to prove what actually happened during your motorcycle accident. While some items are easy to obtain (like a copy of the accident report or your medical records), other pieces of evidence are a bit more cumbersome to acquire. Photos and video evidence are extremely useful when building your case. 

For example, it's possible that a nearby security camera recorded your accident. An experienced lawyer will know who to contact or petition for the security footage and how to do so. They can acquire hard-to-find evidence in time for your trial or negotiation session. Or your lawyer may realize that your case needs more proof. They know when it's best to hire a private investigator to obtain more information about the other individuals involved in your auto accident. 

2. An Attorney Can Help You Reduce Your Percentage of Fault for the Accident

In most states, comparative negligence is used to assign fault for accidents, including motorcycle accidents. The percentage that you're determined to be at fault will impact your settlement. For example, assume that you're hit by a distracted driver. You're not wearing your helmet; while this impacts your crash-related injuries, the other driver is mostly at fault. You might be assigned 15 percent of the fault and the other driver could receive 85 percent of the fault.

Your attorney will argue on your behalf as to why your percentage of fault should be lower. This can help you procure a higher payout and potentially decrease your chances of being charged with a crime if your actions were potentially criminal. 

3. Your Lawyer Will Ensure That All Deadlines Are Met

If your case goes to court, you'll need to adhere to strict deadlines when it's time to submit certain documents pertaining to your settlement. Missing a deadline can inadvertently put your settlement at risk. 

Your lawyer will also make sure that all the actions pertaining to your case are completed while the statute of limitations is still active. When you're trying to recover, it's easy to accidentally overlook a deadline. Reach out to a motorcycle accident lawyer to learn more.