What To Look For When Hiring A Felony Attorney

When you face a criminal charge, you need a felony lawyer to represent you in court. Otherwise, you may pay a hefty fine or get jail time. However, choosing an ideal lawyer isn't always easy since you must identify certain qualities in a criminal lawyer. Here is what to look for in a felony attorney.


There's a lot to lose if the court finds you guilty in a criminal case. For instance, you may spend the rest of your life in jail, away from your loved ones. You want to give yourself the best chance by hiring the right finest felony lawyer.  While you want the best legal representation, you must consider the charges of the lawyer. However, note that the costs depend on case complexity, case length, and whether expert witnesses are required.

After understanding these considerations, create a reasonable budget for the legal fees you are comfortable paying. Then, identify various potential criminal law companies and compare their rates. This will help you select quality yet affordable felony attorneys.


You need to look into the experience of your potential felony lawyer as you want a confident attorney who understands what to do to win your case. Experienced criminal lawyers have handled different cases in the past and understand the legal system well. Therefore, they can build a strong defense case and help you win even when all odds seem to be against you. Besides, experienced felony attorneys have the correct legal networks and will know when to set up meetings with the prosecution, how to file the required documentation, and meet all the court's demands regarding your case.


You want a felony lawyer that you can contact or meet at your convenience. That will help you know of any developments with your case. Therefore, hire a criminal attorney that's within your state or locality. If you choose a lawyer outside the state, make sure that you can reach them at any time, or that they're flexible enough to arrange a meeting when necessary.

Success Rate

While a felony lawyer may have experience handling various cases, you need to look at their success rate. If a lawyer has won several cases like yours previously, consider hiring them. That means that there are high chances of your lawyer winning your case.

Access, experience, affordability, and success rate are things to look for in a felony lawyer. Considering these factors will help you choose the perfect criminal attorney for your case.