Who Is Responsible For A Car Accident At A Construction Zone?

Construction zones can be very confusing, and some drivers struggle to navigate them. In some cases, drivers even lose control of their vehicles and crash. Unfortunately, construction zones can be unavoidable and the local government often needs to perform repairs or widen the roads.

Examples of Common Accidents in Construction Zones

When roads are under construction, the narrowed roads can increase the risk of side-wipe accidents. Construction accidents are also likely to occur when a driver is not paying attention to the road or is not paying attention to signs. In some cases, a driver might even end up in the wrong lane.

If you are suddenly hit by a car while you are in a construction zone, you might suffer serious injuries as a result. You will need to seek medical treatment for your injuries. Then, you will need to immediately get in contact with a personal injury lawyer.

Liability for Your Accident

You must determine who is responsible for your accident. While the other driver might be at fault, the construction crew might also be at fault. For example, there might be inaccurate or misleading signs. There might be missing barriers that cause a driver to end up driving on the wrong side of the road. A speed warning sign might be missing, and this might cause one of the drivers to travel at an excessive speed.

Therefore, the parties who you might be able to take legal action against include:

  • The other driver
  • The construction company
  • The government agency responsible for the construction

Accidents Caused by the Driver

Taking legal action against a driver typically involves filing a claim with their insurance provider. The insurance provider will try to determine who is at fault and might try to downplay your damages or even accuse you of being responsible for the accident. A lawyer can help you negotiate with your insurance provider.

Accidents Caused by the Construction Company

If you take legal action against the construction company, you may be able to sue their insurance provider. However, you will need help from a personal injury lawyer who can prove that the construction company in particular was negligent.

Accidents Caused by the US Government

If you are taking legal action against the US government, this can be more difficult. You will need to file a claim within a short span of time and you must follow the proper procedure. To avoid making mistakes and to maximize your compensation, you should have your case looked over and managed by a personal injury attorney.

For more information about liability in a car accident, contact a lawyer, such as one from the Law Office of Robert Karwin.