Nursing Home Abuse And Negligence Claims That A Nursing Home Injury Lawyer Can Handle

During a person's sunset years, there is a need for much attention and care round the clock. Sometimes, family members cannot provide this care because they could have full-time jobs or may lack the skills needed. In addition, medical conditions like dementia, cancer, and others that require a lot of attention and care could also necessitate taking the patient to a nursing home. At the nursing home, trained nurses and caregivers provide 24-hour nursing care to the residents. However, some workers can be negligent and sometimes abuse the residents, causing them anguish and misery, and this is where the services of a nursing home abuse lawyer come in. Some examples of these neglect cases are:

Psychological Abuse

This can either be through intimidation, ridicule, guilt-tripping, or belittling them with words or actions. These actions include yelling and cursing, silent treatment, and food denial. Due to the fear instilled in the patient, their behavior suddenly changes. Some signs to look out for include excessive nervousness, refusal to interact with others, sudden withdrawal, sudden weight loss, refusing to take medication, etc. Unlike physical abuse, psychological abuse can be more difficult to notice. But your lawyer will help you protect your loved one's rights as well as dignity, and ensure they receive the care or service that they deserve


Overdosing medication can be either from malice or negligence in a nursing home. An overdose can lead to death, a stroke, cognitive changes, and other serious complications. A doctor's help is needed to get rid of the excess medication from the resident's body and treat them for its adverse effects. Once family members learn of an overdose, they should consult a lawyer who is conversant with nursing home negligence cases. These lawyers ensure that the nurse is punished and deterred from a possible repeat.

Sexual Abuse  

In some cases, residents with dementia or other things could be targeted for sexual abuse in nursing homes. The abuse may be from the workers at the facility or even visitors. This could come in different forms, such as rape, forced nudity, unconsented touch, sexual assault, etc. In addition, there may be some signs that one can look out for if one suspects that there has been sexual abuse. Some of these are unexplained sexually transmitted infections, anxiety around a caregiver, difficulty walking or sitting, bruised genitals, etc. It doesn't matter the form of sexual abuse that your senior has suffered, a nursing home abuse lawyer can help you protect your loved one's rights, hold the parties that are responsible accountable as well as seek safe arrangements for your loved one's care.

Due to the vulnerability of the residents of a nursing home, malicious people may abuse and neglect them. Therefore, it is important to always look out for any possible signs of maltreatment and hire a nursing home injury lawyer to get your loved one justice for the abuses.