Have Your Been Denied Your SSDI? What You Need To Do

Trying to work while dealing with a physical or mental impairment can be challenging. In some cases, it becomes impossible to perform the duties of your job anymore and that means you must stop working. The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides a monetary benefit to those who qualify. However, many get turned down for the benefits they need and deserve. Read on and find out what you need to do when you are denied your Social Security benefits.

Why Were You Turned Down?

That is probably the first question you will ask and it's an important issue as you go forward. The SSA must state why they denied your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. In many cases, however, the explanation is a bit difficult to understand because the SSA tends to use jargon and obscure terminology to explain things. There can be more than one reason for the denial. Many times, it's because the application was not complete. The SSA may also turn down applicants that don't adequately explain their medical or mental conditions. The SSA makes decisions based on what they see in your application, and they may need more information before you can be approved.

Appeal the Decision

The SSA offers those turned down a chance to appear before an administrative hearing officer at an appeal hearing. This appeal hearing lets you correct the mistakes you made, fill in the missing blanks, and provide more detail to the hearing officer. In some cases, those who appeal their decision will gain benefits. However, you can greatly increase the chances of being approved by doing one simple thing: get a lawyer.

Hire a Social Security Lawyer

You may think you cannot afford a lawyer but that is because you might not know that you don't have to pay the lawyer upfront. Instead, Social Security lawyers who are approved by the SSA will work on your case and only be paid if you are approved for benefits. Then, their payment comes from the back pay that the SSA owes you.

Know What Comes Next

Speak to a Social Security lawyer and enter into an agreement with them that will be approved by the SSA. The agreement sets out how much the lawyer gets from your back pay. The SSA limits how much they can be paid, by the way. Then, the lawyer will begin to work on getting you the benefits you need.

What to Expect from the Lawyer

The preparations for your upcoming hearing vary depending on the nature of your denial. The lawyer may do one or more of these things to get ready to plead your case in front of the hearing officer:

  • Arrange for you to have a medical examination.
  • Request your medical records from various facilities.

And more. Speak to a disability attorney soon.