3 Things That Need To Be In Your Will

Writing a will is a responsible thing to do. You need to leave instructions about what you want to happen after you die and ensure that all your assets go where you want them to go. Your family members can't read your mind before you die, let alone after you die, and they only have your will to give them an idea of what you want to happen. When you are creating your will, whether you are following a will template or paying a lawyer to write it, you need to include specific things.

Your Basic Personal Information

Your will should include your basic information, which includes your name, birthday, and address. If you have ever gone by another name, even if it is just a maiden name, this would be a place where you could also put that. 


If you have minor children, you must add a section about their guardianship if you die. You can list the people who will be the guardian and any backups you may have. Situations change, and you want to ensure that your children will have someone care for them safely. You can also list people you never want to have guardianship of your children and why you don't want them to care for your children. If you're going to have someone else take care of your child's financial issues, list that here. This section is where the more detailed you are, the better you will be. The detailed information can make it harder for anyone to fight the guardianship arrangements.  


The executor is the person who is in charge of following the terms of your will. They will disburse your assets, make sure all the bills the estate accrued have been paid, and deal with any conflicts. The executor can be an adult child, other family member, or an attorney. If your executor is an attorney, they will charge your estate to handle the issues, but it can be worth it because it can be more challenging for people who are unhappy about your will to push around an attorney to try to get things that they weren't left in your well. 

Writing a will and keeping it updated is essential, no matter how much you do or don't have in the way of assets. Make sure to include everything you should so that there can be no question about your will in the future. 

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