3 Ways To Prove Breach Of Duty In Slip And Fall Cases

When an injured person wants compensation from a defendant in a slip and fall case, they and their attorney have to prove two things. First, they have to show that the defendant had a duty of care to prevent what happened. Second, they have to prove the defendant breached this duty.  How do you prove such a break, though? A slip and fall lawyer will usually look at one or more of these three arguments. Read More 

Understanding Defensive Moves After an Auto Accident

After an auto accident, it's only natural to consider things from the victim's side of things. However, your accident case has two sides and it's considered a smart move to know what to expect from the other side. Find out more below. Fighting Back The other side, in most cases, refers to the other driver's insurance company. These companies employ adjusters, investigators, and legal teams to fight against claims. Insurers are for-profit and losing cases goes against good business practices. Read More 

Are Used Cars Covered Under Lemon Laws?

Car buyers purchase bad cars all the time from dealers and suddenly find themselves spending thousands of dollars trying to fix their car or being forced to sell it for a fraction of what they paid and buy a new one. Many states have lemon laws that protect buyers from this situation. However, you might wonder if this applies to used cars. What Is a Lemon? To be able to determine if your car falls under lemon laws, you must first understand what constitutes a lemon. Read More 

4 Family Law Aspects You Should Understand When Divorcing Your Spouse

Divorcing a spouse isn't easy. It's a process full of paperwork, court appearances, and difficult conversations. It also requires you to make some tough decisions about your future. If you're going through a divorce, you need to understand some basics of family law. If you're not well versed in the legal processes, a lawyer can assist you. This article discusses four aspects of family law you should understand.  Child Custody and Visitation Read More 

3 Things That Need To Be In Your Will

Writing a will is a responsible thing to do. You need to leave instructions about what you want to happen after you die and ensure that all your assets go where you want them to go. Your family members can't read your mind before you die, let alone after you die, and they only have your will to give them an idea of what you want to happen. When you are creating your will, whether you are following a will template or paying a lawyer to write it, you need to include specific things. Read More