3 Real-Life Tips For Making It Through Your Divorce

Going through a divorce can feel overwhelming; however, if you surround yourself with the right help and assistance you'll make it through your divorce with your dignity still intact.

#1 See A Therapist

It may feel like an over-repeated piece of advice, but finding a therapist can be crucial to making it through a divorce with your mental and emotional health intact. Your therapist can be a great source to vent to about all of your feelings and emotions from your divorce.

When you don't have the right place to vent and work through your feelings, it can impact and ruin more than your relationship with your spouse. It can severely damage your relationship with your children and can even damage your relationship with your friends via the things that you say as you work through your divorce.

A therapist is the best way to work through your divorce because it provides you with a neutral party who can hear all of your heartfelt reflections and darker thoughts without judging you.

#2 Decide What Legal Approach Is Best

Next, work with your soon-to-be former spouse to determine what legal approach is best for your divorce. Some couples like to work with a mediator who helps them figure out details and then have an attorney finalize the legal side of things. Or, if you have already worked everything out together, you just need to hire an attorney to do the cut-and-dry legal work for you. However, if you know that you and your spouse are going to have to fight it out over your belongings, you need a divorce attorney whose strength is in litigation. Figure out what legal approach is best, then hire the right representation.

#3 Outsource Necessary Tasks

Don't feel like you need to fill all of the hole that your spouse previously filled in your life. It is okay to outsource and can even be healthy. For example, if your spouse handled all the yardwork, hire a yard company to take care of the outside of your home. Or if your spouse handled all the bills, hire an accountant to take care of the bills for you, or if your spouse took the kids to school, find or hire someone to do that for you. Outsourcing instead of trying to take over all the tasks that your spouse did in your former life together can help ease the stress of going through a divorce and dealing with how your life is changing.