Seeking Legal Help With Classroom Assistance For Your Child Who Has Autism

Does your child have autism? If so, there are many government backed programs available in public schools that can help him succeed in the classroom. If you've had a lack of success when it comes to getting your child specialized care within the public school system, it may be time to seek legal help. Here are just a few things that you should do, if you are experiencing any issues with your child's special education teacher or principal.

Talk To Your Child's Core Educators

Autism Spectrum Disorder affects around 1 in 45 kids between the ages of 3 and 17. Dealing with autism is something that your child's homeroom teacher may have trouble with on her own. If your child is mainstreamed into the regular classroom most of the time and only sees a special education teacher at specific intervals throughout the day, the rest of the time can be challenging for your child. He may feel left out or unable to process a lot of the information the homeroom teacher gives him. If he is struggling with his grades or overall performance inside the classroom, schedule an impromptu conference right away. It may be as simple as drawing up a new classroom plan or having a teacher's assistant present you're your child throughout the day. But if you can't see eye to eye with the teacher, after countless resolution, it may time to seek legal counsel.

Have A Lawyer Present At An IEP Meeting

If your child is receiving special education services, an IEP meeting or individualized education plan conference is something that must be conducted every 12 months, but many schools and states have them every 6 months or twice in a school year. If you have concerns or feel like your child's needs are not being met or heard, hire a reputable special education lawyer to represent you and your child. He will make sure that all of your questions are answered and if not, will direct you on what steps to take to further any legal action against the school.

Call A Special Meeting With The School Board

Sometimes there are concerns that can't be addressed by the IEP team, including the teachers, principal and school psychologist. If you feel that your child's been treated unfairly, set up an appointment with the school board in your child's school jurisdiction. This may offer a solution to the problem or override your interaction with certain teachers or the principal, if you're having issues seeing eye-to-eye on an education plan for your child.

Set Up A Private Appointment With A Special Education Attorney

If several IEP meetings, school board meetings and teacher conferences have not resolved your child's education needs in the school system, contact a special education attorney. He will work as a liaison between you and the school to help come up with a plan that leaves you satisfied. If changes can't be made or implemented at school, your attorney will direct you on how to file the appropriate lawsuit against the school and what steps to take next.

Living with autism does pose challenges, but in the right educational environment, your child can thrive. Don't be silenced by your child's educators, just because you don't agree with them and visa versa. Stop your child from slipping through the cracks due to educational neglect from the school system. Contact a reputable special education attorney to get your child on the right track at school.