Why Was Your Visa Denied?

Applying for a visa is a difficult and enduring process, especially if your plan is to immigrate to the United States and become a permanent resident. Unfortunately, visa denials are extremely common. The following could be the reasons why your visa was denied.

1 - You Provided Incomplete or Incorrect Information

Those who oversee the visa process will examine every document and piece of information you provide. If something is incomplete or just doesn't seem accurate, your application will be denied immediately. If you don't have a piece of information deemed necessary for the visa process, do not try to fake documents. You may be able to find an alternative way to provide this evidence, perhaps through a guarantor.

The government takes fraud seriously, and trying to defraud the government while applying for a visa means you could also face criminal charges.

2 - You Chose the Wrong Visa Type

Never select a visa type that you are not eligible to receive. Business travelers should apply for a business visa, and vacationers should apply for tourist visas. It will be clear to those who oversee visa applications which type of traveler you are.

Another part of this issue is that people often apply for a longer stay than they are eligible for. For example, you should not ask to stay for 90 days if you do not have the funds to show that you can stay for this long without a need for assistance. Your immigration visa may be denied if you have previously overstayed your visa to visit the United States.

3 - You Lack Resources to Live in the United States

If the government does not feel you have the resources required to make a living in the United States, your immigration visa could be denied. You may not have the necessary skills to obtain a job, or perhaps you do not have familial resources in the country.

4 - You Have a Criminal Background

The United States has strict rules regarding inadmissibility into the country. You may not become an immigrant if you have a history that involves terrorism, misrepresentation, and multiple criminal convictions.

5 - You Need Help

Many people do not realize they would have an easier time obtaining an immigration visa if only they received some legal assistance. An immigration attorney provides the best opportunity for you to understand the laws and how they apply to you. For more information, contact local professionals who understand immigration petitions.