Hiring A Construction Lawyer: Frequently Asked Questions For Contractors

As a contractor who focuses on construction-type work, you can set out with the best intentions in everything you do and still end up facing legal woes at some point. in these instances, having a lawyer to turn to who is familiar with the nuances of the industry can be so valuable. Take a look at a few things you may want to know about hiring a construction lawyer as a contractor. 

Do you need a construction lawyer for a payment dispute?

If you have a payment dispute, it can be a good idea to speak with an attorney for advice. However, you may not necessarily always need a construction lawyer for help. Regardless of what state you are in, you can take advantage of bond claims or lien claims without needing an attorney for representation. Nevertheless, if you have a rather large sum of money owed or something about the payment dispute is complicated, having an attorney walk you through the process can be best. For example, if you end up having to enforce a lien or property bond due to non-payment, it is best if you have an attorney for help. 

Should you have a construction lawyer look over contracts before they are signed?

If you build a good working relationship with a construction lawyer, it can actually be best if you have them help you with even drafting contracts, especially where larger projects are concerned. Construction contracts are never one-size-fits-all documents, even though many contractors get into the habit of using a template contract for everything and just filling in the blanks where things need to be changed. Every project is unique, so every contract should be unique. Your lawyer can help make sure you avoid legal woes down the road with the best contracts for protection. 

Will you need to hire a construction lawyer for onsite accidents?

Onsite accidents at a construction site, whether it is one of your employees, a client, or someone else, can rapidly escalate into all kinds of legal concerns for you as a business owner. Whether you are facing a claim in civil court due to the costs of someone's injuries or having to deal with workers' compensation claims, your lawyer can help you through. Injuries that happen as a result of your business operation can put your operation at risk, so doing as much as possible to protect it is important. 

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