4 Sustainable Living Questions That Deserve Proper Legal Advice

When you're building a homestead or the organic farm of your dreams from the ground up, it's tempting to carry that DIY ethic over to the legal aspects of buying and using property. Unfortunately, trying to figure out complex zoning laws, land use restrictions, and other legal complications related to your project on your own can lead to costly mistakes. Getting advice from the right lawyer can help you settle these four common sustainable living questions the correct way. Read More 

Finding A Divorce Attorney In Another State and Language: Hurdles You Will Have To Jump

Finding a divorce attorney in your own city, county, and state is not difficult. There are many divorce lawyers in this country, and they practice in every county and state in the country. Finding a divorce lawyer in another state and language, however, is much more difficult. Here are some of the hurdles you may have to jump over to find this niche practitioner of the law. Most Lawyers Only Have Licenses to Practice Law in One State Read More 

Seeking Legal Help With Classroom Assistance For Your Child Who Has Autism

Does your child have autism? If so, there are many government backed programs available in public schools that can help him succeed in the classroom. If you've had a lack of success when it comes to getting your child specialized care within the public school system, it may be time to seek legal help. Here are just a few things that you should do, if you are experiencing any issues with your child's special education teacher or principal. Read More 

What Every Tenant Needs To Know Before Filing Bankruptcy

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy and you rent an apartment, you'll need to be careful. Filing for bankruptcy could affect your lease agreement. Here's what you need to know.   Does your lease contain a bankruptcy clause?  Read over your lease agreement. There may be a clause in it that says your lease agreement will be terminated if you file bankruptcy. This is called an ipso facto clause. However, this clause is generally unenforceable based on bankruptcy laws. Read More 

3 Real-Life Tips For Making It Through Your Divorce

Going through a divorce can feel overwhelming; however, if you surround yourself with the right help and assistance you'll make it through your divorce with your dignity still intact. #1 See A Therapist It may feel like an over-repeated piece of advice, but finding a therapist can be crucial to making it through a divorce with your mental and emotional health intact. Your therapist can be a great source to vent to about all of your feelings and emotions from your divorce. Read More