How Can You Make Sure Your Employees Avoid Insider Trading?

Your corporate lawyer will likely advise you to avoid insider trading as you make financial investments for the success of your business, but how can you make sure it doesn't take place at your company? It's important to understand what insider trading is, clearly define it for your employees, and put policies in place to ensure that everyone's trades conform to securities law. What Is Insider Trading? Put simply, insider trading is using non-public information to make decisions about trading public stock. Read More 

Major Estate Matters: What To Know

When a loved one passes away, it might be your job to perform the tasks of the personal representative (executor). This job can be confusing in some cases, but the size and scope of the estate can turn a task into a chore if you don't have the proper guidance and legal support. That is why if the estate you are overseeing falls into the below categories, you will need the support of an estate attorney to ensure that everything is done correctly. Read More 

Probate Law Services: Petitions, Death Certificates, And Tax Estate Issues

If COVID-19 brought tragedy to your family, a probate lawyer can help you get the financial and legal closure you need to settle an estate. Here are some of the common issues probate lawyers handle for families coping with unexpected tragedies. Probate Petitions In order for an estate to be legally executed, a probate petition must be filed in probate court. In cases involving wills with clearly defined executors, this process is fairly straightforward. Read More 

Legally Handling A Contract Dispute With A Business Partner

Getting a business off the ground can be a difficult venture that is often a failure for many people, but it can be more successful when there are multiple minds thinking together. For example, someone might have a good business idea but no skills related to how to get it started legally, while someone else might know about obtaining permits and licenses. No matter how much knowledge business partners may have, it isn't a good idea to venture into starting a business together unless there is a contract in place. Read More 

Nursing Home Abuse and Personal Injuries

Nursing homes are generally safe places you can entrust with your loved one's care. This is why it can be so devastating when something terrible happens at a nursing home. You may be lost and confused, unsure what to do after your loved one is injured. Are you interested in pursuing a personal injury case after a case of nursing home abuse? This is what you need to know. Nursing Homes Are Supposed to Have Regulations Read More