Unfair Disability Denials: What You Should Know About Your Rare Medical Condition

If the SSA or Social Security Administration unfairly denies your disability claim because it doesn't recognize your rare medical condition, you need to consult an attorney right away. The SSA denies over 70 percent of first-time disability claims each year. A number of the denials pertain to medical conditions the administration deems unrecognizable according to its stringent approval standards. If this happens to you, you can fight back. Here are things you should understand and know about your case. Read More 

Are You Guilty Of Distracted Driving?

Most people don't get behind the wheel of their car with the intention of killing someone. Unfortunately, due to some of the poor habits that people choose to exhibit while they drive, they become a killer. Each day 9 people die, and more than 1,100 people are injured because of the habits of distracted drivers. This has had such an impact, that many states have passed laws to address these behaviors. Read More 

Understanding The Basics Of Hiring A Securities Lawyer

As an investor or shareholder, you want to be certain the company you've invested in plays by the rules. When unethical acts or lapses in judgment impact your investment, you want someone who is well versed in the complex world of corporate law. A securities lawyer can fill the role of knowledgeable and effective counsel for both businesses and individual investors. Hiring on Behalf of Your Company Most major companies retain a securities lawyer or firm to deal with the intricacies of corporate law as it pertains to financial transactions, joint ventures and other related interests. Read More 

3 Things You Need To Know About Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlement

If you're nervous about going to court for your personal injury case, you may be glad to learn that most personal injury cases actually wind up settling out of court. In fact, 95 to 96 percent of personal injury cases end up being settled. However, knowing that your case is likely to be settled may also leave you with some questions. How much money can you get in a settlement, and would it be more if you went to trial? Read More 

Settlement Negotiations: 2 Things You Shouldn’t Leave Out Of Your Demand Letter

If you're the victim of an auto accident, your personal injury attorney works hard to get you a fair settlement from your insurance claim. During this time, you also need to write and send in a demand letter to the insurance company responsible for the payout of the settlement. A demand letter generally lets the insurance company know the extent of your injuries, as well as how much your medical bills cost to treat them. Read More