Violation Or Not? Checking Up On Your Arrest

The line between a violation of your rights and a lawful arrest can be extremely thin. If every action by law enforcement during an arrest situation was not carried out to the letter of the law, all evidence and the charges that followed could be thrown out" – making you free from a conviction. To help you understand the breadth and scope of your rights as guaranteed under the US Constitution, read on for some common arrest issues that might prompt defensive actions on the part of your criminal defense attorney. Read More 

Why Should I Avoid Insurance Providers After A Birth Injury?

While some infants are born with birth defects, there are other infants who become injured through the delivery process itself. When this happens, the hospital may wish for you to speak with their health insurance provider, but there are many reasons why you should avoid doing this. Why File a Lawsuit? After giving birth, you might feel that filing a lawsuit is too stressful. However, you must take into consideration the healthcare costs you must pay for rehabilitation, any counseling or therapy your child might need, and whether or not he or she will need expensive medical equipment. Read More 

Has a Motorcycle Accident Suddenly Turned Your Life Upside Down? Get a Lawyer Now

If you were injured badly while operating or riding on a motorcycle by a driver who was driving carelessly or illegally, getting a lawyer is of urgent importance. There are so many details and forms of evidence relevant to the case that can be lost with the passing of time, so the sooner you are capable of getting a lawyer and getting the investigation in motion, the sooner you will see results. Read More 

Frequently Asked Questions About Consequential Injuries And Workers Compensation

Workers compensation law covers injuries that occur during the course and scope of your employment. Consequential injuries related to the initial covered injury are also covered by workers compensation insurance. However, many people do not understand what consequential injuries are and how they file a claim to include these types of injuries. Here are a few frequently asked questions about consequential injuries and the answers.  What Are Consequential Injuries? A consequential injury is a new injury that would not have occurred if not for your original workers compensation injury. Read More 

Injured At An Office Party? Prove These Things For A Successful Workers’ Comp Claim

One of the important things to know about making a successful workers' compensation claim in the wake of an injury is that the injury doesn't have to have taken place at your place of work. If you were injured at an office party, for example, you could have a successful workers' comp claim because despite not being at work, you were at a work event. An office party at a local banquet center, hotel conference center, or another similar location isn't necessary dangerous, but injuries such as slip-and-fall injuries have the potential to occur. Read More