3 Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Attorney

Are you in need of legal assistance? Are you trying to figure out how to choose exactly which attorney will be right for your needs? Picking a lawyer from the many that are available can seem intimidating and overwhelming. If you just flip open the phone book or do an online search, you'll likely find dozens of potential candidates. In order to make sure that you've chosen the right one for your particular case, here are some questions that you should consider asking before you agree to hire anyone: Read More 

Worried Your Neighbors’ Cluttered Yard Is Affecting Your Home’s Resale Value? What Are Your Options?

If you've begun to put out feelers in your local real estate market to get an idea of the price you may be able to fetch for your home, you may find yourself continually returning to one nagging issue – the eyesore(s) on the lawn next door. If your neighbors have spent years cultivating a collection of inoperable vehicles, kids' toys, appliances, or other large items on their front lawn, it could be affecting your home's resale value and marketability through no fault of your own. Read More 

Been in a Car Accident? 4 Steps You Should Follow

When you're in a car accident, your mind can start going in a million different directions. You might not be sure about the steps you need to take, or what steps you should avoid. Unfortunately, that lack of knowledge can come back to bite you during the settlement phase. If you've been in a car accident, your next steps will influence how your case proceeds. Here are four steps that will help protect your rights as an accident victim. Read More 

Can You Have Criminal Charges Filed Against You For Being Part Of An April Fool’s Prank?

If you've been slapped with criminal charges related to a prank you pulled on someone, you may be first stunned that it was possible, and then worried about what will happen to you. The prank may have been meant to shock people and get a laugh at one point, but if it resulted in police becoming involved or others being terrified, it can end up with you being charged. Defending against the charges involves looking at your role and whether or not the prank got out of hand. Read More 

4 Sustainable Living Questions That Deserve Proper Legal Advice

When you're building a homestead or the organic farm of your dreams from the ground up, it's tempting to carry that DIY ethic over to the legal aspects of buying and using property. Unfortunately, trying to figure out complex zoning laws, land use restrictions, and other legal complications related to your project on your own can lead to costly mistakes. Getting advice from the right lawyer can help you settle these four common sustainable living questions the correct way. Read More